Review of Soft Sleeper 5.5 Pound Memory Foam Mattress Pad-Topper

The Soft Sleeper mattress pad is made of 5.5 pound density memory foam. The product upon being new needs a few hours to decompress and expand to its full size.

Memory foam material reacts to your body’s weight and temperature to reduce pressure points and thereby improve comfort and perhaps even quality of sleep. Owners of memory foam toppers and mattresses also report that they experience less pain, such as back, shoulder and hip discomfort.

Owners of this product can expect to have many of the same downsides that virtually any memory foam topper owner would have. For instance, the memory foam for some people may act as a heat trap, capturing one’s body heat and then not releasing it. The result can be a sleeping surface that is too warm for comfort.

In addition, some off gassing may occur with this product. Off gassing is the giving off of a chemical-like odor when the topper is new. The smell usually wears off after a few days, but sometimes it takes longer. And with virtually any brand of mattress or mattress topper, you may experience sagging of the product within a fairly short amount of time. Overall, however, memory foam generally has good longevity and durability, especially memory foam of higher density such as the Soft Sleeper.

How does the Soft Sleeper compare to the more expensive Tempurpedic brand? Some people may not notice much, if any, of a difference at all. However, some may think that the overall quality and pain relieving properties of the Tempurpedic are superior.

The Soft Sleeper should surely be considered if you have a mattress that has seen better days and you seek to improve its comfort. Sometimes a topper / pad is all that’s needed to get a few more good years out of your existing mattress.

Source by Nick Robinson

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