How to Sleep With a Bulging Disc and Sciatica – Is Relief Really Possible?

Sleep is supposed to be the most peaceful time of the day. A relaxing way to recharge your energy for the next day. But there are things that can put you in so much pain that sleep, if it is even possible, is very hard. Discover how to sleep with bulging disc and sciatica, and finally find some relief.

Anytime that you are sleeping with sciatica or a bulging disc, the main goal is to keep your posture straight while not putting any additional pressure on the disc itself. You may be wondering, what about the sciatica? How do I make sure that I don’t put any more pressure on my sciatic nerve? Well, whenever you are laying down, keeping a straight posture ensures that you will not put any strain on your sciatic nerve.

So how do you achieve good posture while you are sleeping? You are after all…asleep. The good news is that you have a couple of options. The bad news is that you will probably have to play around with them to find what works for you.

The first and probably easiest option is to invest in a pillow that is specifically designed to support your neck and your spine. While the idea of spending money is not always ideal, it is an easy solution to an otherwise painful problem.

There are many choices out there as far as pillows, memory foam, feather, microbead, maybe even pregnancy pillows. All of these are good things for you to try. But if you do your research, you are likely to find that the pillow that stands above the rest in terms of sciatic relief and good posture is the buckwheat pillow. Filled with hulls, this pillow not only supports the neck, but also supports and cradles the head.

Another option that may or may not work depending on where your bulging disc is and how badly it hurts is sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees. The pillow will give your spine the extra support that it needs and also take pressure off of your back to help your disc. And even though it may seem a little funny for you guys out there, a pregnancy pillow may be another option if you are a side sleeper.

When all else fails, you may want to try sleeping in a recliner surrounded with pillows. It is not as comfy as your bed by far, but it should help you to stay in the same position for the night.

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